Partners featured in Allen Tate Companies blog – “A Foundation to ‘do life'”

Thanks to Allen Tate Companies and their Tate Cares campaign for sharing this message about the work of Partners Ending Homelessness.
A foundation to “do life”

Anyone who has ever built a home knows that the first step is laying a solid foundation to support the rest of the structure.

For someone experiencing homelessness, the same principle applies. While housing is the solution, supports must be in place to help a household become secure and stable.

According to a point-in-time count conducted in January 2017, 574 people – nearly half of them women and children – were experiencing homelessness in Guilford County, N.C. The problem is widespread; more than 3,000 children in the public school system there have experienced homelessness or are at risk. Approximately 300 students at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro (as well as students at other area colleges) are “couch surfers” – constantly moving from place to place, with no permanent residence.

Brian Hahne is determined to change those numbers.

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