2016 CoC HUD Grant Information Available

Partners Ending Homelessness Board’s recommended ranking of projects for the CoC HUD grant is now available at The committee had much to consider in its discussion. HUD is putting a tremendous amount of pressure…

Zero: 2016 Update

Guilford County Invited to Participate in Veterans and Chronic Action Collaboratives Announced by Community Solutions in mid-August 2016 in conjunction with the overhaul of the Zero: 2016 Initiative, Guilford County and Partners Ending Homelessness has…

January 2016 PITC

The January 28-30 PITC yielded the following information about individuals experiencing homelessness in our community

Demographics 2007-2016

The ratio of homeless women to men is decreasing, meaning there are relatively fewer homeless women in Guilford County in 2016 compared to 2007.


Guilford County found permanent housing for 222 homeless veterans between January 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016! The January 2015 Point In Time count identified 81 veterans as homeless in Guilford County. Working as part…