Our Work: Connect, Support, Advocate

Connect, support, advocate.  The work of Partners Ending Homelessness focuses on these three major goals.

During 2018, Partners reviewed and refined its vision, mission, and values statements as follows:

Vision:  A community courageously dedicated to ending homelessness in Guilford County.

Mission: Engaging critical stakeholders to bring about effective solutions through collaborations, advocacy, and resources.

Our mission has developed and expanded to engage a variety of critical stakeholders to bring about effective solutions through collaborations, advocacy, and resources driven by our values of:

* VISION – greater perspective and deeper understanding of the community’s needs;

* STEWARDSHIP – accountability to the highest standards for the resources in our care;

* PARTNERSHIP – collaborative relationships with our network of providers, funders, and community stakeholders;

* INTEGRITY – excellence in our work and unwavering transparency in all that we do;

* ADVOCACY – championing the community’s solutions to end homelessness.

Clarifying our mission, vision and values, helped us enhance our ability to evaluate our partnerships and solidify our collaborations rooted in relational trust so we can be a better advocate for those we serve.



Connect  organizations across the Continuum of Care (CoC) with the national best practice community and to federal and state partners.

  1. Foster collaborations, partnerships, and joint initiatives to increase our system’s ability to end homelessness
  2. Increase efficiency of system access and housing referrals through a process called Coordinated Entry and Assessment
  3. Identify latest trends, best and emerging practices and work to incorporate them into our system
  4. Provide public education about homelessness through presentations, publications, media releases, and opportunities for involvement
  5. Coordinate Community Coalition meetings and other work groups to advance the mission of ending homelessness in Guilford County
  6. Serve as liaison between local, state, national and federal partners


Support an effective system of care by functioning as the center for data collection and reporting, performance improvement, and training.

  1. Develop and monitor system wide strategic objectives, data quality and performance measures
  2. Capture and analyze data and performance measures required for state and federal grant applications
  3. Provide technical assistance and training on data collection, use, and reporting
  4. Compile and submit data for use in annual federal reports such as AHAR, APR, HIC etc.
  5. Coordinate and lead annual Point In Time Count
  6. Use data driven approaches, strategies and decision making to guide system level management
  7. Provide data and results to system-wide leadership to establish targets and measures for ending homelessness
  8. Provide training through experts in the field of homelessness to partner agencies via the “PEH Academy,” consultants, and university partners.


Advocate – Partners has expanded this role and believes that advocacy best exemplifies our operation.  Annually in the month of July, a team of Partners staff members meets with our congressional representatives during the National Alliance to End Homelessness conference to discuss the state of homelessness in our community.

Locally, we provide awareness through many different avenues such as poverty simulations and speaking engagements.

Each year, Partners hosts Home Run for Homelessness, a baseball game with the Greensboro Grasshoppers. At the 10th annual event in June 2018, our sponsors were long-time supporters Lincoln Financial and Westover Church. We reached over 6,500 attendees with a message that homelessness can be rare, brief, and non-recurring.  Partners has secured Saturday, June 1, 2019 for its 11th Annual Home Run for Homelessness with the Greensboro Grasshoppers.

A recent addition to advocacy efforts is a series of Partner Forums to highlight and discuss solutions to various community issues involving homelessness.

Partners will continue to work within and for the Continuum of Care as its agencies provide housing stability to transform the homeless system of care in Guilford County from a destination to a process.