2016 CoC HUD Grant Information Available

Partners Ending Homelessness Board’s recommended ranking of projects for the CoC HUD grant is now available at http://pehgc.org/housing-first/coc-grant-information/.

The committee had much to consider in its discussion. HUD is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on CoC’s to reallocate. Unfortunately, no projects applied for any reallocated funding.   There was not enough justification to access funding recaptured by HUD.  This decision was based on the information and context the committee had.

Points and data for each project, as well as the explanation document, are included in the materials posted on the PEH website. Look on the “About PEH” tab and click on “CoC Grant Information.” The committee used the percentage score row as the project’s “score”. They then considered the factors mentioned below and scoring strategies to make the final decision. Putting one PH project on Tier 2 increases the chances that all projects will be funded.  This rationale is due to the way HUD gives points for Tier 2 Projects.  (For description of the points awarded in Tier 2 by HUD go to page 14 in the NOFA- Section II.B.17).

The committee spent considerable time on this document from the National Alliance to End Homelessness. The committee examined cost per PH housing retention/exit (category 2 on the document).  They also looked at the percent of clients in PSH who are Chronically Homeless (category 3 in the document) as a discussion point for PSH project.  These also factored in the final rankings as well. Projects who served 100% CH households were given credit for that work and were ranked higher than their final performance ratings score would indicate.

Looking Ahead

There will be some discussion with the PEH Board about developing a plan to reallocate PSH programs in the future, but the committee decided against reallocating any dollars in the 2016 CoC NOFA. Depending upon future NOFAs, this decision may hurt our chances to access the Bonus Project funding in future years.